Back to School Excitement

Posted by Cara Trozzolo on 8/10/2012 to Cheslers News
Wow, time really flies! I have been so busy that I just haven't gotten to the poor blog in a long time!
I hope that the summer is treating everyone well, that you are enjoying it and taking in whatever you can before it all goes away again. Just remember these warm days when we are shivering in February!
Kids' shoes have been coming through the door fast and furiously, getting ready for the busy Back to School season. We have been really impressed with the colours and styles this fall (and when I say we, I mean all of the staff). There have been some great reactions to the superhero shoes - Spiderman and the Hulk - the staff have been like little kids opening up presents! And we can hardly wait until the new Bogs get here - the anticipation of seeing the new Baby Bogs is almost more than we can bear!
For the "Big Kids", Rieker has delighted us by shipping some of the product early. Some of the shoes coming through the door are new colours in favourite styles, but there are a few brand new models that are very exciting too. We have received several boots in, and the reaction from our clients has been very good, with sales already doing well in that category.
There is still have plenty of stock to come through the doors, and we are eagerly awaiting with boxcutters in hand to dive into the depths of each new carton of joy!