Back to School Excitement

Posted by Cara Trozzolo on 8/10/2012 to Cheslers News
Wow, time really flies! I have been so busy that I just haven't gotten to the poor blog in a long time!
I hope that the summer is treating everyone well, that you are enjoying it and taking in whatever you can before it all goes away again. Just remember these warm days when we are shivering in February!

A new addition

Posted by Cara Anderson on 5/8/2012 to Cheslers News
There is a new addition to the Cheslers family!

Easter Bunny

Posted by Cara Anderson on 4/3/2012 to Cheslers News
If the Easter Bunny wore shoes, what shoes would they be?

Staff Picks

Posted by Cara Anderson on 3/13/2012 to Cheslers News
A feature that I will be doing in the blog is Staff Picks. Each month, I will ask a staff member what their favourite shoe is. When they give me all of the reasons why they love it, I will write it all down here for you.
My first "victim" is Sue. She is the manager of our Peterborough Store and has been with us for several years now. She runs a great team, and is very patient and knowledgeable with our clients.

Why we Love Shoes

Posted by Cara Anderson on 2/10/2012 to Cheslers News
There is no denying that women love shoes. It is a weakness of ours. But when we talk about shoes in that sense, we always think of high heels. If you look online for why women love shoes, the only shoes you read about are the great sexy little numbers that transform women into goddesses. Those shoes are wearable art.
What about those of us who prefer something a little more practical? We still love the look of heels, but just don't feel all that attractive wobbling around in pain on them.

Excitement in Retail

Posted by Cara Anderson on 2/3/2012 to Cheslers News
We just finished doing Inventory at the stores, and it must have been the worst one we have ever done. We ran into major technical problems in all three locations. Really not a fun time. At least that major chore is done for another year.

Planning for Fall 2012

Posted by Cara Anderson on 1/19/2012 to Cheslers News
The buying season is upon us, and we have been making our trips to some of our suppliers to see what will be available for next fall and winter.

How to look Stylish

Posted by Cara Anderson on 1/9/2012 to Cheslers News
We all want to look good and feel good. In the winter, this can be quite a challenge. How do we look stylish, but keep warm as well?

The Beginning

Posted by Cara Anderson on 1/7/2012 to Cheslers News
Its January 2012. Time to get this blog up and going. It's my personal challenge for the year. I am still learning, so please be patient with me. My name is Cara, and I am the daughter of the owners. I often joke that my official title is The Kid. I've been in the Shoe Industry my entire life, and have a pretty good handle on everything that happens in our retail stores; stock, sales, advertising, buying I've done it. And now a new venture...