Easter Bunny

Posted by Cara Anderson on 4/3/2012 to Cheslers News
If the Easter Bunny wore shoes, what shoes would they be? As Easter is approaching this weekend, I thought this would be a good point to ponder.
Let's first examine what Mr. E. Bunny would need in a good pair of hop-a-long shoes. They would have to be durable, since they have quite a distance to travel, and hopping is definitely much harder on footwear than walking. The shoes in question would have to have great flexibility since Bunny feet flex much more than ours do, and one's feet must work at their best to ensure good distance in a bounce. And speaking of bouncing, shock absorbency is a must to ensure maximum returns on each hop.
Then there is the question of temperature. I am sure that rabbit feet would get quite hot and sweaty in a regular pair of shoes, since their feet are all covered in fur, so we must look for breathable features. But nobody likes wet feet, so the breathable shoes should be waterproof as well - you never know what that Bunny has to travel through to get from house to house.
Yet, when Mr. E. Bunny gets to each residence, he will want to take the shoes off quickly and easily, so as not to leave prints all over the floors and carpets (he is a very well mannered creature, after all). This of course also ensures that he is quiet and does not wake youngsters who are anxiously awaiting his arrival, and sleepily straining to hear any sign of his arrival. So our Super Shoes need to be slip-ons as well.
And lastly, they would have to be lightweight, for bunnies travel very light. Any extra weight could have very damaging effects on the aerodynamics of the Rabbit. It would also slow him down if he had to make a quick getaway from some mean-tempered pooch determined to ruin Easter.
So, what is this durable, flexible, shock absorbent, breathable, waterproof, super-light slip on? Well, I am not quite sure... I have a few hunches, but I would be very interested to know what you think. I would dearly love to see some young artist sketches of the Easter Bunny's Shoes. Bring a picture into one of the stores before April 14, or email it to Customer Service and we will give you a coupon for 10% off Kids Spring Shoes.
Happy Easter everyone!