Excitement in Retail

Posted by Cara Anderson on 2/3/2012 to Cheslers News

We just finished doing Inventory at the stores, and it must have been the worst one we have ever done. We ran into major technical problems in all three locations. Really not a fun time. At least that major chore is done for another year.
We are beginning to unpack new arrivals now, and if you have ever worked in a retail store, you know that it is just like Christmas for us. Every carton holds a new treasure. After looking at boots for 5 months, we get very excited about Spring shoes and sandals. New styles in fun colours; new technologies to learn about; and of course, we MUST try them ALL on! We have our own little fashion shows in the stores when no one is around. Every day there's a new adventure.
Repeated styles are not as exciting for us, we've seen them several times before, but make no mistake, we are glad to see them nonetheless. These are the little gems that are proven fitters and customer favorites. They are the workhorses that people come in for day after day, pair after pair. The styles that feel so good right away, people wont take them off until they need a new pair. And the great thing is, we find more of these every season!
So I guess I should get off the computer and go unpack some more shoes!