How far and how fast you go is up to you. Out on the greatest bodies of water - the open oceans - there are no stop lights, no traffic signs. Nothing to slow you down. All you need is a boat and a breeze and you're off, climbing the waves with both feet. How far and how fast you go is up to you. Best known for boat shoes that have logged more miles of open ocean than any other. And have out-raced, out-cruised and out-fished any and all competitors from 1935 to this very moment. Sperry Top-Sider. GET WET!

Top to bottom, ours is a brand that talks to sailors, kayakers, windsurfers, powerboaters and fishermen. To all men and women who are proficient at marine sports and activities. But it also serves those who delight in just strolling a dock or relaxing on a deck at sunset, watching the waves break. In short, we're for everyone who loves the water or wants to be close to it.
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Mako 2-Eye
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