Staff Picks

Posted by Cara Anderson on 3/13/2012 to Cheslers News
A feature that I will be doing in the blog is Staff Picks. Each month, I will ask a staff member what their favourite shoe is. When they give me all of the reasons why they love it, I will write it all down here for you.
My first "victim" is Sue. She is the manager of our Peterborough Store and has been with us for several years now. She runs a great team, and is very patient and knowledgeable with our clients.
Robin Sue's Pick is the ladies Rieker shoe "Robin". She loves this style because it is very lightweight and is a fantastic fitting shoe. The soft leather on the upper makes it very comfortable, and the cute unique pattern gives it great eye appeal, even with such a versatile colour. It can be worn dressy or casual, thanks to its low heel.
Robin performed very well in our stores last year, and we were all very excited to see it back in the line again this season. I am certain this shoe is going to fly off the shelves now that we are seeing some Spring-like weather.