The Beginning

Posted by Cara Anderson on 1/7/2012 to Cheslers News

Its January 2012. Time to get this blog up and going. It's my personal challenge for the year. I am still learning, so please be patient with me. My name is Cara, and I am the daughter of the owners. I often joke that my official title is "The Kid". I've been in the Shoe Industry my entire life, and have a pretty good handle on everything that happens in our retail stores; stock, sales, advertising, buying I've done it. And now a new venture...
I intend to have a new post each week, I suppose we will see how I improve.
We had a successful year in 2011, and strive to keep the ball rolling through this year. A tough challenge in these economic times, but we feel that having a good mix of product, timely promotions and personalized service for our clients will help to carry us through.
In saying that, we are currently running our January Inventory Clearance Sale. Most of the products in the store are on sale, with a good selection of tall lightly lined boots still available. Since we have actually had some snow in our area, winter boots have picked up steam and now with them being on sale, they will be flying out of the stores.
Many of our clients travel this time of year, so we do have a selection of sandals in the stores. Boxing Day, I think I had as many requests for sandals as I did for boots. Birkenstocks remain a favourite in our area, and we are well stocked in the basic models.
And so business continues. The kids are back to school, people are back from holidays, and we all hope that the nasty weather stays away.