Why we Love Shoes

Posted by Cara Anderson on 2/10/2012 to Cheslers News

There is no denying that women love shoes. It is a weakness of ours. But when we talk about shoes in that sense, we always think of high heels. If you look online for why women love shoes, the only shoes you read about are the great sexy little numbers that transform women into goddesses. Those shoes are wearable art.
What about those of us who prefer something a little more practical? We still love the look of heels, but just dont feel all that attractive wobbling around in pain on them.
We love a comfortable shoe. A shoe you put on that instantly feels good and helps take some stress away. Your muscles start to relax, and you walk a little taller. The outlook of your day seems just a bit brighter, because your feet feel great.
Now, comfort is great, but there are a lot of really comfortable shoes that we look at and say "they may feel great, but I'm just not going to wear those." Okay, we are vain creatures, and still want to look good.
So now we need a shoe that reflects the fun side of our personality. Colour helps tremendously. "A girl always needs a pair of red shoes in her closet." I don't know who said it, but it is very true. A splash of colour can spruce up a basic outfit and give your mood a lift. Add some more fun to the shoe like interesting designs, patent trim, or a fun heel design and you get a pretty interesting style. Add some of these things to that comfort shoe and your day is looking better already.
We also want a shoe that will fulfill more than one purpose, because, lets face it, we just cant spend all our money on shoes for every outfit. So we look for styles that can cross between dress and casual, and colours that will compliment the pallet in our wardrobe. Don't kid yourself, though, we comfort-seekers still have shoes that just jumped out and begged to come home with us. They are cute, fun, flirty and unique, and we love them. We might not be able to spend all day in them, but we can get away with a few hours.
And what about when our feet change and we can't wear those sleek, sassy shoes anymore? We get many customers who have a bunch of them in the closet that they love to look at, and can't bear to part with. These are our favourite closet ornaments that have a special place in our hearts. They are revered like the delicate Christmas ornament or precious piece on the mantel that we handle with care because of the fond memories.
So, why do we love shoes? Well, they are pieces of art that give us comfort, allow us to see the world, and go on adventures. They make us feel feminine, sexy and powerful. They are a comfortable hug when things seem tough. Shoes do not just cover our feet and protect us from the elements, they are a reflection of our personality and make a statement about who we are or who we would like to be.